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Getting a dude ranch experience in Amarillo, Texas I sat on the rim of  Palo Duro Canyon , drinking in the spectacular view. My husband Michael joined me and together we stared out at


Celebrating milestones in 2015  by Courtney Kemp   There are some events and moments that you must witness in person. A photograph in a magazine or travel brochure cannot capture


Rugged, Refreshing Ride Mountain biking in Amarillo’s Palo Duro Canyon State Park By: Amy Becker Williams     The sun spreads a golden glow across the canyon walls as the crisp


Reconnecting amid unexpected West Texas activities Three days. We booked three entire days to be together without the interruption of kids, a barking dog or ringing cell phones. Inspired by


Front and center for phenomenal views and entertainment in Palo Duro Canyon By Courtney Kemp There is something about summertime in Texas. The sunsets shine a little brighter and the iced


Discover Amarillo's Palo Duro Canyon by Danny Lee I am standing at the absolute edge of the world, or so it seems. Behind me lies the flat, roundup-country landscape of the Texas Panhandle-a


Finding Holiday Magic in Amarillo Monday: 21 degrees Fahrenheit and gray. Tuesday: 20 degrees Fahrenheit and gray. Wednesday: Freezing with no promise of sunshine. Thursday: Colder and icier


An artistic getaway in the heart of the Texas Panhandle By Courtney Kemp A few weeks ago, my husband and I decided that we needed a break from our weekly routine. It was time to hit "pause"


A sensory tour of the city's creative side By Courtney Kemp "Go to the symphony," the petite woman working at the café said to me with an endearing Texas accent. Judging by the expression on