Amarillo Coors Cowboy Club Cattle Drive

Watch 60 Texas Longhorns make their way through downtown Amarillo on Saturday, June 8th, 2024 (10 AM). The parade will feature the Longhorns along with other motorized vehicles and periodic staged old west shootouts.

The Cattle Drive consists of sixty longhorns along with other motorized groups and riders that parade from downtown Amarillo to the Tri-state Fairgrounds in a procession that harks back to the emergence of Amarillo as a premier cattle shipping market in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The cattle drive returns to its original route. It heads north on Polk and turns right on 3rd. It turns right again on to Taylor, past the old Potter County Courthouse. It will turn left on 6th and left again onto Buchanan. The drive follows Buchanan to 3rd and turns right on 3rd towards the Tri-State Fairgrounds. At the intersection with Marrs, the drive will turn right for a couple of blocks and then turn left on 10th to head into the fairgrounds under the lighted arch. The cattle will cover the route in about an hour. Spectators are encouraged to cheer on the cattle and riders from any point along the route.

The Longhorns will remain on display at the fairgrounds during the Coors Cowboy Club Ranch Rodeo on June 6-8, 2024 in the Amarillo National Center.

Cattle Drive Map 2023


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