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(Listed in Random Order) It's not what we're claiming, it's what others are saying! 2014 Best Cities for Families- Amarillo ranks #10- The


If you want to know a place, run a mile across the landscape. Too often the Texas Panhandle gets panned for being a flat, brown, and uneventful landscape where the very forces of inertia and


History repeats itself. Nearly fifteen years ago I drove across the country. It was winter and I chased the sun down Route 66, alone and carefree. The monumental snowstorm hit me in


We think Amarillo and its people deserve kudos. The courageous folk that settled this vast region the size of West Virginia made it prosper despite the hardships they endured. They set a


Nearly equidistant from each coast, Amarillo sits at the crossroads of America, where it has served the same purpose for centuries: A pleasing last stop before travelers set foot in the Old