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What better way to start off the new year than with a new look…for your website!

The Amarillo Convention & Visitors Bureau kicks off 2009 with a new look to its website ( And not only a new look, but a new dedication to online marketing for 2009.

The new site’s highlights include a Western feel but with a modern approach. The site has a new booking engine for hotels, motels and B&B’s, easy navigation, and bigger pictures. And as any website, the Amarillo CVC website will change over the coming months to offer new ideas and better information to the potential visitor.

“We face greater and greater competition from cities and towns throughout the world for visitors and tourism dollars. A top-notch website is a great way to put Amarillo in the public eye,” Jerry Holt, VP of the Amarillo CVC, said.

“This is a great step for Amarillo. Two of the city’s major marketing organizations, the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce and the Amarillo Convention & Visitors Bureau, now have launched new web sites within months of each other. It puts greater polish and professionalism into the marketing of Amarillo,” Kelvin Betzen, Division Vice President with Atmos Energy and Chairman of the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, said.

Following up the new website design will be greater online marketing of Amarillo and the website, with plans to reach other popular online websites like, and And CVC promotions will find a spot on the web site, to help attract interest in Amarillo.

“ currently receives over 134,000 unique visits and 988,000 page views a year and with the aggressive marketing being implemented, we expect that visits and page views will increase in 2009,” Holt said.

The new website design and ongoing maintenance of is by AJR Media Group of Spring, TX. In its 17th year, AJR Media Group provides integrated media representation, development and consulting professionals, products and services focused on the travel industry.

The site went live in December 2008 and has been in testing mode for the last 5 weeks. And it remains a work in progress, with new pages and information planned in the coming months.


Visit the Amarillo CVC website at

Media- To download this morning’s presentation, go to