Texas 66 Coin Cruise Album

About the Texas 66 Coin Cruise Album

Route 66, the road that shaped America, is turning 100 years old in 2026! The annual Texas Route 66 Festival will kick off years of celebrations starting in 2023 leading up to the centennial of Historic Route 66. Next year's festival will be held June 6-15, 2024.

The Amarillo CVB has developed the Texas 66 Coin Cruise Album Program in honor of the upcoming Centennial. Embark on an extraordinary journey through legendary Route 66 with the Texas 66 Coin Cruise Album. Unveil the magic of Texas as you traverse the iconic East and West stretches of the highway, collecting nine uniquely crafted coins along the way. Explore hidden gems, embrace the spirit of adventure, and unlock the stories of each coin, making this thrilling experience an unforgettable ode to the spirit of the open road.

Texas 66 Coin Cruise Album

Texas 66 Coin Cruise Album


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Imagine holding a large, flat circular object, about the size of a dinner plate. This is a vinyl record, which is traditionally used to play music on a turntable. The record is classic black with grooves on its surface, and there are shiny, coin-sized slots on it where small, metallic tokens can be placed.  Now, picture small, coin-shaped objects, each one embossed with intricate designs that you can feel with the tips of your fingers. These coins represent various towns and notable stops along Texas Route 66, a famous highway. Each coin can be collected during travels and fits neatly into the designated slots on the vinyl, creating a tangible memory of the journey.  Behind this record is a vividly colored piece of art. You'll feel the texture of the canvas if you run your hands over it. The artwork features a large illustration of a woman's side profile. She has full, red lips, and you can sense the outline of her wavy hair cascading down. Below this image, there are miniature 3D models of classic cars and iconic American roadside attractions like gas stations, diners, and motels. These are small enough to hold in your hand and are intricately detailed, providing a physical representation of a nostalgic American road trip on the historic Route 66.

Behold the official 2023 Texas 66 Coin Cruise Album above! The Coin Cruise Album artwork was designed by a local Amarillo artist, Gabrielle Bivins of Fresh Press Designs, and was made to look like a classic vinyl record with a genuine vinyl record with coin slots cut out to place the collected coins in. You will find QR codes for self-guided tours, a curated playlist, festival information, and a custom map to guide you along Texas Route 66. 

Where to Purchase Your Texas 66 Coin Cruise Album / Collect Your Coins

  • Purchase your Texas 66 Coin Cruise Album at the selected Album Stops 
  • Collect the coins at each marked Coin Stop 


Album Coin Map

Map of texas route 66 with stops for unique coins along the route


TX Route 66 Coin Passport Itinerary with coin stop information


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