Welcome, 86th Texas Senior Amateur!

Welcome to Amarillo! We are so excited to be hosting you in the Yellow City. We've put together a virtual welcome bag to help guide your stay. Use this tool to help you to stay on top of the event schedule, get discounts at local restaurants and businesses, find things to do, and more.

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Visit Amarillo, Texas

Visit Amarillo, Texas


Download the Amarillo Panhandle Pass so you can wear out your boots and not your wallet while you’re here. The pass works as a digital coupon book that gives you discounts on entry to attractions, free apps and perks at bars and restaurants, along with access to discounted rates at hotels. Once redeemed, you can easily access your pass via text, email, or “app”. The pass will guide you through the Panhandle based on your location, so you never have to worry about your next stop or wasting time. So, what are you waiting for? Download your Amarillo Panhandle Pass, grab your boots, and start your mosey through the Panhandle!


Things to Do

First things first, always check the weather before you head out. We've included the weekly forecast for you to reference before making any plans. The weather here in the Panhandle has a mind of its own, so it's always a good idea to check the high and low temps for the day before making plans. See the map below to check out things to do near you. Click on the map to take 360 tours of places before you go.



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