Q&D Driver

Amarillo, TX 79109

(806) 356-0747

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  • Quality service, clean cars and professional drivers ready to drive you 24/7. Enjoy the ride! What does "Q and D" stand for? I am proud to say that we live up to our name--Quality Service and Dependable Drivers... Our cars are nicer and newer and our drivers make the difference! Are you still waiting on a Taxi? I have worked in food service most of my life, so when a back surgery took me away from 18 hour days of back-breaking work, I had to come up with something I could do. Imagine my face when I was told that as a taxi driver, I needed to cheat and deceive people to make money. That wasn't going to work for me. ​ We are revolutionizing the transportation services in Amarillo! A newer, better, cleaner, non-smoking ride has arrived! Honest, Dependable, Prompt, Efficient, Generous, Polite, Kind, Optimistic, ​Safe, Knowledgeable, Alert, Drug-free. That is the difference.

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