What do you remember most from your travels?
A quaint inn? A great restaurant? A breathtaking view? Or outstanding customer service?
Many travelers would say that top-notch customer service will always bring them back. In fact, poor service is one of the fastest ways to turn off visitors. The Amarillo Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVC) is on the look-out for examples of the best customer service in our city... prime service.
It may be a retail checker who followed you to your car to return the wallet that you left on the counter.
Or, a bank teller who not only cashed your check but also helped you understand the exchange rates for your upcoming overseas trip.
Or, a hotel clerk who was able to point you to a local attraction that fulfilled your need to see antique windmills.
Or, a dry cleaner who not only got that stain out but went the extra mile to do it within a couple hours so you could make the convention banquet.
Or, a TSA agent who thanks you for visiting and says come back again very soon.
Whatever the setting, everyone has benefitted from prime service. The Amarillo CVC wants to recognize these truly outstanding efforts and individuals throughout the year. We want our city known for more than friendliness; we want it known for prime service.
Help us find this level of service in our backyard.
Nominate the person who has more than made your day by offering more than a little extra. Talk (806-374-VISIT), text (PRIME to 71441) or tweet (@AMAPRIME) your nominations to our office. Or follow the link on our homepage (www.visitamarillotx.com).
Your nominee will get an Amarillo Prime Service lapel pin to wear, they will be eligible for the Prime Service Employee of the Year Award this October at the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce Banquet, and they may get various prizes during the year.
There are just a few rules.
You cannot nominate yourself.

You cannot nominate someone from your family, staff or organization.

And you can only nominate someone once between March 4 and October 1, 2014 so they can be considered for the 2014 Amarillo Chamber of Commerce Banquet.
"It's all about an atmosphere of service that is second to none in the state and the nation," Dan Quandt, VP of the Amarillo CVC, says. "We all benefit from prime service."