Rick Husband Amarillo Intl. Airport

10801 Airport Blvd
Amarillo, TX 79111

(806) 335-1671

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  • Amarillo International Airport Facility Rentals Facility Rentals Kritser Conference Room Table with 20 Chairs 14 Extra Chairs White Board Projector Screen Telephone 2 Televisions English Field 9 Tables with 2 Chairs each (18 chairs) White Board Bulletin Board Office Training Room Table with 16-20 Chairs 7 Extra Chairs White Board AOC Meeting Room Table with 8 Chairs 2 Extra Chairs 2 White Boards Telephone AOC Training Room Table with 16 Chairs 2 Extra Chairs 3 White Boards 2 Televisions DVD Player Projector Screen All rooms have free WIFI, please call the Admin Office at 806-335-1671 for rental rates and questions.

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