Jus Loung'n

Amarillo, TX 79107

(806) 654-3457

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  • us Loung’n is a family owned and operated kick back established in 2015. We are not a Club, we originally established as a Hookah Lounge. We wanted to do something different, and give the city something that it was missing. We took this building that once had lots of sentimental value to the family. That was just sitting as a nuisance, under major distress, and non-beneficial to the town. We transformed it to beautiful place where when things seem tuff you could come in and Jus Loung. From that point we established an active role in the community becoming the new GOTO spot to hang and chill. We became a well-established Hookah Lounge, and understanding the principle of growth we began progressing and evolving with the times, and learning from our brand we implemented a full kitchen. We started to sell some items which have now become our signature dishes which include: Chicken & Waffles, Gator Bites, Fried Chicken and Catfish. Here at Jus Loung’n we are one BIG family and everyone that visits can feel it. Which is what makes it IMPOSSILE for you to come in once and not return.

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