Beck Cowboy Boots

7200 Canyon Dr
Amarillo, TX 79109

(806) 373-1600

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  • In the early 1880's an unknown shoe maker designed the first cowboy boot. The cowboy boot was constructed differently than previous boots. In order to protect the cowboy'w legs, the upper shaft would have two layers of leather, held together with a simple stitching design. The boots were made with taller heels to better fit in the stir-up. A 40 penny nail was used to support the arch. Riding without the 40 penny nail in the shank was similar to standing on a broom stick all day. As the cattle drives grew, so did the need for cowboy boots. Soon, almost every cattle town would have a boot maker. In 1916, twin brothers Earl and Bearl Beck bought a boot shop in Dalhart, TX. Beck Brothers moved to Amarillo,TX in 1921. The Beck Brothers built their reputation on style, fit, and durability. Today, almost 100 years later, Beck Cowboy Boots are still being made in the same spirit as they were by Earl and Bearl in 1916, 40 penny nail and all.

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