The 2011 Texas State Trapshooting Championships, a six-day, clay-target shotgun event from July 5-10, places Amarillo at the bull’s eye of the target for top shooters from the region.

The Texas State Shoot is one of the sport’s most prestigious events. Shooters will compete in three disciplines: singles, doubles and handicap. Singles and doubles each feature five skill levels, all shot from 16 yards behind a clay-throwing automatic “trap” machine, which throws targets away from shooters. Handicap is shot from distances ranging from 18 to 27 yards behind the trap house.

Clay targets will be thrown from machines on seventeen fields from sunup to sundown for the six-day championships. A total of a half million clay targets will be used in the event.

All three events will feature age-based and women’s divisions.

“We are expecting a record base of four to five hundred shooters competing for bragging rights as well as trophies and prizes plus qualifying for positions for the national shoots held later in the summer,” Steve Camarata, president of the AGC Board of Directors, says.

“We expect this event to provide a significant economic boost this summer— more than $400,000,” said Jerry Holt, Vice President of the Amarillo CVC. “In fact, the Amarillo Gun Club is a real economic engine for Amarillo thanks to all the local and regional events it hosts.”

One of America’s longest operating clay target facilities, the Amarillo Gun Club has been in its present location (4521 S. Osage St.) for over 50 years. The club offers recreational skeet, trap, and “five stand” for its members, and it also hosts a number of charity events throughout the year.

Public parking for the Texas State Trapshoot Championships will be in marked lots south of the Gun Club entrance.


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