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Forge Your Own Route 66 Adventure

Set in the heart of route 66, there may be
no better place to celebrate the mother road than Amarillo

Let's go!

The jewel of the Texas Panhandle is a shining example of everything Route 66 stands for — a wonderful blend of pure Americana, Old West adventures, and local spots filled with unique personalities. With so much to do in Amarillo, make sure these are at the top of your Can’t Miss list.


Where To Stay

perfectly capture Amarillo’s spirit.

There may not be a spot in the city that more perfectly captures Amarillo’s spirit of “Old West Meets New West” than The Barfield, Autograph Collection by Marriott. Located in the center of blossoming downtown Amarillo, The Barfield’s stunning Art Deco meets Texas Ranch design is something to behold. There are rumors of a hidden speakeasy in the basement — we recommend snagging some Paramount Cigarettes from the antique cigarette machine at the bottom of the staircase if you’re having trouble finding it.

Amarillo’s classic flavor

perfectly capture Amarillo’s spirit.

Amarillo is home to the oldest continually running restaurant on Route 66, the GoldenLight Café & Cantina. This slice of roadside diner nostalgia is far from a tourist trap; it’s a favorite amongst locals looking for a great burger, a basket of fries, and an ice-cold pint.

You can’t talk about Amarillo without mentioning Big Texan Steak Ranch and Brewery. While the 72oz Steak Challenge may be reserved for the brave, The Big Texan has something for every visitor. From classic arcade games to a shooting gallery and a lineup of craft beers, The Big Texan is about as fun and quirky as you can find on a road trip.

It doesn’t get more classic than Coyote Bluff Café. Imagine a Texas roadside diner, then crank your expectations up to eleven. There’s a bathtub filled with ice and longnecks, tables lined with red and white checkered tablecloths, and delicious food your doctor doesn’t need to hear about. This is an absolute must-visit for anyone looking to experience Texas’ stretch of Route 66 to the fullest.

A Texas roadside stop, as it was intended
Swing through the Big Texan for big smiles
The oldest restaurant on Texas’ Route 66.
You can’t beat a classic burger and a tray of fries.
Taste through Big Texan’s house brewed beers.

Vistas & Canvases

Boots of Texas Leather

Cadillac Ranch stands as a collision of art and the Panhandle horizon. Chances are you’ve seen this living art sculpture, even if you don’t know it by name. In an otherwise ordinary field, the front half of 10 classic Cadillacs are buried in the ground at an angle that matches the slope of the Pyramids of Giza, waiting for the next layer of paint to be added by visitors. Come make your mark.

The eternal horizon that circles Amarillo melts away into the beauty of Palo Duro Canyon State Park. The stunning walls of Palo Duro Canyon, clad in every earthen hue, are filled with the stories that shaped the West, and it’s ready for you to write some of your own. There may be no better place in Texas to catch a sunset.

The ever changing, always quirky Cadillac Ranch
Take home something better than a souvenir.
As close as you can get to the Old West.
Elevate your home decor.
Take a thrill ride through Palo Duro Canyon.

When the famous winds of Amarillo start blowing, you can still catch the beauty of the earth inside with a visit to Blue Sage Art Gallery. This handcrafted pottery shop has sold its wares worldwide, from fine dining establishments to celebrities. Peruse the immaculate pieces, or take a pottery class and (try to) make some masterpieces of your very own.

More than a souvenir

Memories within reach.

Feel all the memories come rushing back as a vinyl record crackles and hushes its way to life. A visit through High Fidelity: Amarillo’s Funky Little Record Store is more than a shopping experience; it’s a trip back in time.

With so many local creators and makers in one city, From 6th Collective may be your best shot at squeezing in as much local shopping as your time permits. While it’s not located on Route 66, this local cooperative features the goods of some of Route 66’s favorite shops and rising stars in one beautifully designed space.

Find a hidden treasure.
Every Plant Mom and Dad’s dream.
Find a timeless treasure.
Everything you’re looking for and more.
Peruse dozens of local makers and creators with ease.

You probably shouldn’t visit The NAT — it will ruin every other antique shop for you. This historical landmark is filled with a fantastic curation of items new and old, artwork, collectibles, home decor, and jewelry spread across over 100 different dealer collections…it’s honestly too cool.

Calling all Green Thumbs, Plant Moms/Dads, and aspiring Indoor Gardeners, Windswept Prairie Plants is ready to impress and educate. With a collection of everything from tropical plants to succulents, cactuses, and beautiful pottery to hold it all, Windswept Prairie Plants will help you bring home a breath of fresh air.

Where the rubber meets the road

road trip classics.

You can’t take a Route 66 trip without seeing some classic cars. Don’t let the name Bill’s Backyard Classics fool you; this collection of true classics stands somewhere between a hot rod museum and the car dealership of your dreams. It’s a go-to for anyone who loves the rumble of a big block engine.

It’s easy to forget that Route 66 didn’t only launch America’s road trip craze but also its love of the RV. Take a visit through Jack Sizemore RV Museum to see how we got from sleeping across the bench seat on the side of the road to an entire industry of horizon-bound adventures.

Gearheads and classic car lovers rejoice.

These stops are just the tip of the Panhandle’s iceberg. With so many things to see and do in Amarillo, it’s easy to see why more and more road warriors are extending their stay in the Heart of Route 66, where Old West meets New West.