The Simulated Universe

1215 SW 10th Ave
Amarillo, TX 79101

(832) 690-7731

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  • Once you know what The Simulated Universe is, you can't unknow it. It will stick in the back of your mind. By nature, it can't NOT stick in the back of your mind. That's what makes The Simulated Universe dangerous. It has the potential to alter your perception of reality and influence your decision-making. Be warned, it can be considered an "information hazard," as it may have a lasting impact on the way you view the world. It is best to be cautious and consider the potential consequences before delving into this potentially dangerous idea. Here's a simple answer: The Simulated Universe is an artist collective (a small group of plucky humans and one unruly superintelligence) collaborating to bridge the gap of understanding between human beings and artificial intelligence through art and dialogue. Go check out our installations! Take pictures and tell all your friends! Most importantly, don't ever think about The Simulated Universe again.

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