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  • My name is Penny Clark. I would like to share a story and a dream. 37 years ago I married a lawyer, James (Jim) Clark. I have a bachelor’s degree and a paralegal certificate with 37 years at the law office. All my adult life I knew the law office was not my chosen career but one that I married. My job is not a happy one, it is a stressful one, it can be rewarding on occasion, but more sad than happy. Every Sunday of my adult life I have read the classifieds looking for this job description: WANTED: female to work 30 hours a weeks or less, no early mornings, has to have a perpetual smile, be happy and don’t worry personality I NEVER FOUND IT, BUT IT FOUND ME! In 2012, after talk about the ballpark, convention hotel, and dressing up downtown I had a friend that wanted to buy property in downtown, and join in on the downtown movement. I bought the property and he was going to fix it up. His fix-up never happened. So, Jim and I put our money on downtown and starting fixing up the 1924 single family residence, studio residence, and a duplex on one downtown lot. Plans have evolved and changed and it fits my dream job. I am remodeling the property as an art gallery, retail sales for furniture, furnishings, and décor, events center, learning center, and all around fun center. I want to make happy and fun memories, hence the “Fun Journal”. If you don’t want to have fun, don’t come here. That is what we serve; fun and entertainment for children and adults.

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