Yosh & Yimmy "Americana Summer" Tour

2511 SW 6th Ave
Amarillo, TX 79106

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  • We're going on tour to support and celebrate the release of "Americana Summer", our debut EP! We can't wait to meet you!

    Yosh & Yimmy is Josh Glenn (SATX) and Jimmy Willden (CCTX), two independent Texas songwriters with unique sounds all of their own and a repertoire to back it up! They joined forces in early 2018 to begin writing good old fashioned folk songs with an emphasis on thoughtful lyrics and harmonizing vocals.

    SHOW DETAILS: 10pm-1am , $5 door 21+


    Josh Glenn Experiment (https://jgexperiment.bandcamp.com) from San Antonio, Tx isn’t your typical solo singer-songwriter. Acoustic guitar strums, percussive guitar taps, and clever riffing braid into themselves as Glenn’s show usually involves him building his songs live using loop pedals, making for an engrossing experience. The listener becomes entranced and enveloped into the musical process as energy is reciprocated between the moving of hips and the layering of sounds. Sometimes folky singer-songwriter, sometimes spontaneous mad-folk scientist, Josh takes you on a very personal musical journey, utilizing unique techniques along the way.

    Jimmy Willden (https://www.reverbnation.com/jimmywillden), award-winning writer, filmmaker and songwriter, returned in 2018 with his brand new album, 'So Much Stuff, So Many Things"'. Jimmy grew up listening to 60's/70's rock and r&b, falling in love with 90's grunge and later finding truth in the likes of Damien Rice and Ray Lamontagne. He's often told he sounds like a mix of Kings of Leon and John Mayer. With precision guitar riffing, deeply personal lyrics, and a commanding stage presence, he lures his audience in and keeps them begging for more.

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