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Rock of Ages

2503 Fourth Ave
Canyon, TX 79015

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  • Over 200 rocks, minerals, and gems highlighting the dynamic and intense geologic history of this region and beyond. This exhibition features specimens, both common and uncommon, that dazzle by the richness of their color, texture, shape, and intricate patterns. Forged long ago from extreme heat and pressure and then subject to the effects of time and natural processes, these specimens tell the story of a constantly changing planet, the powerful forces that have sculpted our landscape, and the very materials that make life possible. They illustrate some of the treasures beneath our feet and the brilliance of Earth’s designs.

    The exhibition draws almost exclusively from the eclectic geology collection of the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum with the addition of a couple of loaned pieces. Each specimen has been carefully selected, mounted, and displayed to accentuate its physical properties and characteristics.

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