"Paris Is Burning" Screening

9100 Canyon Dr
Amarillo, TX 79119

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  • Category is ... iconic LGBTQ+ realness!

    Join Panhandle Pride for an exclusive Amarillo screening of the beloved documentary "Paris Is Burning," a staple of queer cinema.

    Tickets are only $10, and seating is limited!

    MAKE SURE to purchase a ticket if you want to go — RSVPing on here WILL NOT save you a seat! Tickets MUST be purchased in advance; no sales will be allowed at the theater.

    First released in 1991 and now digitally remastered, the film follows vibrant group of Latinx and African American New Yorkers as they navigate the drag and ball scenes of 1980s Manhattan.

    Madonna borrowed from the ball scene with her classic song "Vogue," and "Paris Is Burning" still inspires pop culture today, as seen in the popularity of "RuPaul's Drag Race" and "Pose."

    Support for this screening was provided by Dave Allee / Raffkind's, Reese Beddingfield, Tony Brockman, Chip Chandler, Scott Edwards and Jason Joe, French & Co. Realtors, Robin Gilliland, Sallye Hand and Kim McGill, John Hintz, Terry Jones, Jim Kemp and Whitney Kelly, Doug Lill & Rafael Canizares-Yunez, Jill and Josh Ludington, Bekki McQuay LPC and Julie Strickland, Jim Reed and Pete Marquez / Ebby's Edibles & Getables, Jonas Rios, Kyle and Cindy Singleton, Michael Timcisko and Jason Haugen, and Sandy Winston and Dawn Dressler.

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