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2908 SW 6th Ave
Amarillo, TX 79106

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  • Born in Wichita Falls, James Cook manages to capture the haunting stories from the Red River and bring them to life with every song he touches. Cook has ventured into many styles of music throughout the several years he’s been creating and performing. From Texas Soul, Country, Americana to Rock n Roll, he always aims for what pleases him. For two years he’s traveled with a guitar and suitcase playing for listening rooms and soaking in the music scenes from different areas at the best venues in Texas, like Dan's Silver Leaf in Denton, The Live Oak Lounge, Capital Bar and Whiskey Girl Saloon in Ft. Worth, Adair's in Dallas, Blue Light Live in Lubbock and is a regular at his hometown venue in Wichita Falls, the Iron Horse Pub. He's also had the honor of being a finalist in the Larry Joe Taylor Showcase, Blue Light Live Competition, and won the Rattle Magazine Singer/Songwriter Competition.

    Fresh off his win in the Rattle Competition, James Cook, recently recorded at the legendary Fort Worth Sound for the Rattle Studio Sessions. Cook describes the experience as "A collection of music I have wanted to record, stripped down to an acoustic, my wife and myself. Bart Rose gave us a good path and a relaxed atmosphere to do so. Fort Worth Sound had an uncritical energy that allowed us to create this EP". 

    James is out promoting the album and getting the word out on his follow up, a concept record that discusses the end of the world and how a series of characters deals with the end of days. His music is surprisingly uplifting, given the subject matter, and his first single "Flat Foolish and Despised" has already received play throughout Texas radio. "Lullaby for the Rapture" is set to be due out in the fall of 2016.

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