Marketing Funding Guidelines


The Amarillo Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB) Arts Marketing Assistance Grant is a targeted initiative designed to support nonprofit arts organizations in the Amarillo area that play a pivotal role in attracting tourists and fostering overnight stays in the city. This grant program aims to empower cultural entities by providing financial assistance for marketing initiatives that contribute to the promotion and visibility of local arts activities. This grant not only facilitates the growth of the arts sector but also serves as a catalyst for enhancing Amarillo's appeal as a destination for cultural experiences, ultimately benefiting both the local arts community and the broader tourism industry.

The ACVB will begin accepting applications on September 1, 2024, eligible organizations have the opportunity to submit their proposals until the closing date of September 27, 2024. Applicants will be notified within six weeks of the application deadline with instructions on how to receive funding.


The following are the requirements to receive funding:

  1. Recipients agree to place ACVB logo on programs and all promotional activity, including social media. 
  2. A Marketing Plan for the event funding is requested for. This plan must include how promotion will assist the ACVB's marketing efforts to bring overnight stays to Amarillo.
  3. Provide utilization statement from most recent event that ACVB funding was granted.
  4. ACVB will receive a full-page complimentary ad in your program (when applicable).
  5. Provide a ACVB link on your website.
  6. Use the ACVB Arts Committee logo on your website and other appropriate materials.
  7. Use the ACVB link to put your season and events information on the ACVB Website Calendar of Events.
  8. ACVB will be granted free access and use of all event photo’s
  9. Any non-profit organization receiving or planning to receive HOT funds from an organization or municipality other than the ACVB must disclose the funding source and dollar amount to be considered during the jury process.
  10. The event must occur within the ACVB's fiscal year, beginning October 1st and ending September 30th.




There is a two-part requirement that every expenditure of local hotel occupancy tax must meet to be valid.

  • Criteria #1:  First, every expenditure must DIRECTLY enhance and promote tourism AND the convention and hotel industry.
  • Criteria #2:  Every expenditure of the hotel occupancy tax must clearly fit into one of six statutorily provided categories for expenditure of local hotel occupancy tax revenues.


The six categories are, as follows:

  1. Funding the establishment, improvement or maintenance of a convention center or visitor information center.
  2. Paying the administrative costs for facilitating convention registration
  3. Paying for advertising solicitations and promotions that attract tourists and convention delegates to the city or its vicinity.
  4. Expenditures to promote the Arts (such expenditure must be likely to directly promote tourism and the hotel and convention industry).
  5. Funding historical restoration or preservation programs (similar restriction here as with the arts).
  6. Funding costs in certain counties to hold sporting events that substantially increase hotel activity.


The Amarillo Convention and Visitors Bureau as a hotel occupancy tax administrator for the City of Amarillo, sets the following criteria for every organization requesting the use of HOT funds.

  1. The application must be presented on a formal Amarillo CVB funding request form.
  2. Each application must include a marketing plan specifically explaining how the requested funds will be used. Applications without a marketing plan will not be considered.


Funding standards:

  1. A minimum of 50 room nights per night must be shown for any event or activity requesting HOT funding above $1,000.00
  2. If the request is for a new event, the application must include a plan to measure room nights after the event.
  3. You must be a non-profit arts organization to qualify.
  4. Any event marketing plan showing only local promotions will not be considered. 
  5. ACVB funding assistance must be noted in any promotions, including programs, websites, etc.
  6. ACVB will be granted free access and use of all event photos.
  7. If requested, the ACVB could have a presence at the event to promote the area (table in a lobby, etc.) A banner from the ACVB would also be given for use at the event.
  8. Final income/expense statements must be received within one month of the event.
  9. Funding requests for personnel costs and/or operating expenses are not allowed by state law.


A unique opportunity for Amarillo may be funded without meeting all criteria in these guidelines.


There are some events that, by their very nature, help define the essence of Amarillo. Some of these events include WRCA, AQHA, etc. These events are exempt from the funding guidelines.

Additional Factors that should be considered concerning funding requests:

  • The primary factor involved with funding from the HOT funds is the return on investment through the use of taxable lodging rooms in Amarillo.
  • In addition to the traditional concept of ROI, there are some other returns that should also be considered:
  • Return on involvement (community volunteerism for event)
  • Return on inspiration (Does the event lift the morale of the community?)
  • Return on imagination (an unrealized dream for Amarillo that may have low initial financial return, but has tremendous future potential)
  • Return on image (Will the outside world’s view of Amarillo be enhanced by our mere hosting of an event?)


So, in addition to lodging nights, we also monitor:

  • Composition of participants (Who are they and what is their influence?)
  • Compatibility of the event with the image of Amarillo
  • Media exposure
  • Measurability
  • Opportunity for growth


Though not every event may qualify or be approved for Arts Marketing Assistance in the amount requested, ACVB support for an event may come in five different ways, or a combination of the five:

  • Direct funding
  • Underwriting the event to a specific amount (if the event is forecast to lose money. If it is forecast to make money, should tax dollars be a part of the profit?)
  • Support for the event, however, all marketing money committed remains with the ACVB to reimburse to the appropriate vendor.
  • Partnership (ACVB receives a portion of revenue)
  • In-kind support (publicity, advertising, materials, etc.)


The Amarillo Convention and Visitors Bureau, as part of their responsibilities, accepts marketing funding requests from area non-profit arts organizations. Funding support is then recommended by the Amarillo CVB Arts Marketing Grants sub-committee to the Amarillo CVB board of directors for approval.

All standards listed in the funding guidelines apply to arts requests.  The key is that all funding awarded by the Amarillo CVB MUST be for marketing, not general operations.

In terms of any matching funds advertising programs, such a program must include an offer from an Amarillo lodging property, or it will not be considered. 

If there is ever any appeal requested concerning arts funding, these appeals will go directly to the ACVB board for consideration.


All applications must be submitted via the form below or emailed to by September 27, 2024.


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