Airport1Located only ten miles from Historic Downtown Amarillo, Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport is one of the nation's best.

Flight information:

Airport information: Visit the city's airport website

A $52.2 million renovation at the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport, including a brand new passenger concourse, opened for its first full day of operation on July 12, 2011.

The project included:

  • A 46,000 square foot passenger concourse with seven boarding gates. Six of the gates are equipped with glass-walled boarding bridges.
  • A secure baggage handling system which removed all baggage screening activities from in front of the ticket counters.
  • A new and larger security checkpoint.
  • Remodeled airline ticket counters and lobby.
  • Remodeled baggage area.
  • Updated graphics, signs and advertising throughout the entire complex.

Airport 2

"The new terminal and all the support facilities make Amarillo's airport one of the best of its size in the nation. It will make a great impression on the more than 800,000 passengers who use the airport each year," Patrick Rhodes, former City of Amarillo Aviation Director, says.

Four airlines serve the airport- American Express, Southwest, ViaAir, and United.


Airport Facts

  • More than 300 takeoffs and landing per day/ 115,000 per year
  • The main runway is 13,502 feet long and 300 feet wide, one of the largest civilian runways in the country.
  • Amarillo International Airport is an International Port of Entry with a customs office on site
  • Excellent flying weather with an average of 336 VFR days a year

General Information

  • Administration- 806-335-1671
  • Parking- 806-335-1921
  • Security- 806-335-7041


  • American- (800) 433-7300
  • Southwest- (800) 435-9792
  • United - (800) 335-2247
  • ViaAir - (407) 499-4992

Car Rentals

  • Hertz- (806) 335-2331
  • Avis- (806) 335-2222
  • Budget- (806) 335-2812
  • National- (806) 335-2311
  • Enterprise- (806) 335-9443

History of Flight

Airport 3

  • 1918: Two signal Corps airplanes make the first aircraft landing in Amarillo near the 500 block of S. Polk St, in what is now downtown Amarillo.
  • 1920: The first airport and flying service in the Texas Panhandle, Bivins Field, is located near the intersection of today's 15th and Crockett Street.
  • 1929: The first municipal airport in Amarillo opens in the 5000 block of Amarillo East. The first airline flight is a Transcontinental and Western Express (forerunner of TWA) Fokker Trimotor from Los Angeles to Kansas City.
  • 1929: Charles Lindbergh lands in Amarillo on the inaugural transcontinental airline flight.
  • 1929: Harold English opens English Field on the site of the present Amarillo International Airport.
  • 1930: Due to overcrowding and poor conditions, airlines shift their operations from Municipal Field along Amarillo Blvd. to English Field.
  • 1941: The City of Amarillo purchases English Field and begins constructing paved runways and ramps.
  • 1942: Amarillo Army Air Base is established on the eastern portion of English Field for technical and flying training during WWII.
  • 1946: Amarillo Army Air Base is deactivated.
  • 1951: Amarillo Air Force Base is activated and becomes the only all-jet mechanic training base in the Air Force.
  • 1952: The airport's name changes from English Field to Amarillo Air Terminal.
  • 1955: Amarillo Air Base is selected for SAC B-52 operations. The city purchases 2,750 acres of land which is deeded to the Air Force for airfield expansion. During the next four years, the large concrete runway and base housing and support buildings are constructed.
  • 1964: TWA starts the first commercial jet service to Amarillo.
  • 1968: Amarillo Air Force Base vacates the field and hands control and ownership of the airport back to the City of Amarillo.
  • 1971: The existing terminal building opens.
  • 1976: The airport name is changed from Amarillo Air Terminal to Amarillo International Airport.
  • 1978: The Concorde supersonic airliner makes its first landing at Amarillo during a Braniff Airways demonstration flight.
  • 1986: Crosswind runway 13-31 opens after two years of complete reconstruction.
  • 1993: Terminal renovation is completed at a cost of nearly $10 million.
  • 2003: To honor Amarillo native Rick Husband, commander of the Space Shuttle Columbia, the airport is renamed Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport. 
  • 2007: New airport terminal announced.
  • 2009: Work started on new airport terminal
  • 2011: New airport terminal opened.