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Have you had an Amarillo employee go above and beyond for you this year? Say thank you by nominating them for a Prime Service Award!

Those chosen to receive a Prime Service Award will be presented with a certificate and pin celebrating their exemplary service. The Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council will also notify their place of work to let them know about their employee's recognition and set a time to present the award. 

Prime Service Nominees are eligible to receive a $50 visa gift card (if seen wearing their lapel pin), exclusive Prime Service luncheons and the chance to be awarded Prime Service Employee of the Year at the Annual Amarillo Chamber of Commerce Banquet. The Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council cannot determine if one service provided is better than another, therefore all rewards are chosen at random.

To nominate, please answer the few simple questions below.

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Thank you for taking time to nominate a deserving local Amarilloan for Prime Service.
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  • The Amarillo CVC reserves the right to make the final decision to accept each nomination.                           

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