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Is it true that it's always cold and that the wind blows constantly?

Our area of Texas does have four seasons. However, our winters are overrated and our summers underrated. Yes, it does snow occasionally, but it usually melts within a few days. In the summer temperatures climb into the 90s but the evenings are cool and comfortable. Overall our city receives 270 days of sunshine per year.

What is the population of Amarillo?

Amarillo is located in 2 counties, Potter and Randall. According to Census 2010, the MSA population is 241,802 and the population within the city limits is 190,695.

Isn't it difficult to get to Amarillo?

Not at all. Amarillo is located on Interstate 40, one of the nation's busiest east-west highways. Non-stop flights leave Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport for Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport and Houston Intercontinental Airport, both of which offer connections around the country and the world. Other non-stop flights go to Denver and Las Vegas.

What is there to do in Amarillo?

Amarillo offers something for visitors of all ages; for the outdoor enthusiast, the arts connoisseur and the history buff alike. There is the Palo Duro Canyon State Park, second largest canyon in the U.S, the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum and the outdoor musical drama TEXAS and Wonderland Amusement ParkHistoric Route 66, the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum and the Kwahadi Museum of the American Indian+ are other year-round attractions. The city is also home to professional ballet, opera, symphony and theater companies.

Is Palo Duro Canyon State Park open all year and what is there to do in the canyon?

Yes, the park, campsites and RV hook-ups are available all year. However, some outdoor activities, such as horseback riding may be curtailed in the winter. Better yet, the canyon is accessible via paved road by car or RV. Reservations are recommended. Palo Duro Canyon State Park is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Activities include camping, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and rock climbing. This is also the home of the musical outdoor drama TEXAS, performed Tuesday through Sunday in the summer in the Pioneer Amphitheater. The production cast and crew relies heavily on college students.

How far is Palo Duro Canyon State Park from Amarillo?

30 miles south of Amarillo via Interstate 27 and Texas Highway 217.

What does Palo Duro mean?

Palo Duro is Spanish for "hard wood" and refers to the Juniper and Mesquite trees prevalent in the canyons of the area. The name is attributed to the Spanish conquistadors traveling through the Plains in the late 1500s.

Are there toll roads or parking meters in Amarillo?

There are no toll roads and most of downtown still offers plenty of free parking along the streets.

When is rush hour?

There is no rush hour in Amarillo. Traffic throughout the city moves easily each day.

What's the elevation of Amarillo?

It varies between the highest point of 3,725 ft. on the west side of town down to about 3,575 ft. on the east side.

Why the city was named Amarillo?

Amarillo means yellow in Spanish. The name was probably chosen because of the color of the soil in nearby Amarillo Creek and the many yellow wildflowers here. In the early days, most houses were painted yellow in honor of the city's name.

How can vendors learn about upcoming consumer events in Amarillo?

First, make sure you review the Calendar of Events on this web site. Many events will be listed months in advance. Second, many major consumer events will be at one of two public facilities in Amarillo; the Amarillo Civic Center (806-378-4297) or the Tri-State Fairgrounds (806-376-7767). Staff at these offices can refer you to the organizers of specific events, and those organizers can answer your questions. Third, the Amarillo Convention & Visitor Council does not sponsor or promote any consumer events and therefore can only provide referral help to vendors.